Unique Activities in Jim Corbett National Park

Unique Activities in Jim Corbett National Park

Places of interest

We the city dwellers sometimes totally forget what peace of mind is! In our daily routine, our work schedules, in the pressure to win the rat race we oversee the fact that we were meant to be close to nature and were not meant to be a denizen of the concrete forest. In order to bring you close to nature, we have some activities which will remind you what tranquillity is. Jungle lunch/high tea is one of them, do ask our representative to include it in your Jim Corbett package. In this activity, you will be accompanied by one of our guides for a jungle lunch/high tea. You can either go by a jeep or you can go walking if you prefer along with packed food/snacks, and a place designated by our expert you can sit back, relax and enjoy your meal in the serene environment. Other activities include fishing outside the Jim Corbett National Park and bird watching. Do remember to include the activities in your Jim Corbett package for an experience which will compel you to come back to Jim Corbett National Park.

Explore the wilderness

There are popular places in Jim Corbett National park which many locals and Jim Corbett resorts would tell you about, but then these are places which every other tourist who comes to Jim Corbett National Park comes visits. There are many hidden gems in Jim Corbett National Park which are still untouched and undisturbed when you take a Jim Corbett package from Corbett Expert you get to see the lesser known areas of Jim Corbett National Park. We can tailor make an itinerary for you to include in your Jim Corbett package by a cab or you can drive down in your own car with a guide provided by Corbett Expert. One needs to take out a day or half a day from his itinerary to visit these lesser known areas of Jim Corbett National Park. The itinerary for the same can be obtained from our customer care representatives.

Body Surfing

We come to Jim Corbett National Park with a single focus i.e. Tiger (well mostly) Next time when you take a Jim Corbett package to ask our representative about the activities we can offer you apart from Jeep safari. Jim Corbett National Park is not only about jeep safari or tigers, but there is also a list of things apart from jungle safari which you will be shocked to know are there in Jim Corbett National Park. One such activity is body surfing, simple yet very cool. Here in Jim Corbett National Park, the river which flows on the Ramnagar side is Kosi. There are places in Kosi river we can go for body surfing and simmer down in the natural jacuzzi pools. Believe it or not, doing nothing and just sitting in the waves would do wonders on your tired muscles, rest tell us about it when you come back from Jim Corbett National Park. One more option for body surfing in Jim Corbett National Parks the 'gool' or the small irrigation channels running inside many resorts in Jim Corbett. Many resorts in Jim Corbett have these gools running right middle of the property. These gools will not give the exact same feeling of the Kosi river but the availability of a water body right at your doorstep that too in a resort in Jim Corbett is pretty cool convenience to have right!

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