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If you are looking for Jim Corbett Booking there will be many questions which will come to your mind, like the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park, places where one should stay at Jim Corbett National Park, Jim Corbett safari zones, prices of Jim Corbett Resorts, different Jim Corbett packages, activities which can be done at Jim Corbett National Park.

Most of our clients have a dilemma that for how many days should they book a Jim Corbett package, All Jim Corbett booking must be done for at least 3 days if you are coming from a nearby location like Delhi. If you are coming from other parts of the country like Gujarat, Maharashtra or any other place then the Jim Corbett Booking should be done for at least four days, booking a Jim Corbett package for one day is simply not enough. Jim Corbett resorts offer many different activities like adventure sports, trekking, birding, Jim Corbett safari (Both elephant and jeep safari), day visits to popular tourist destinations in Jim Corbett National Park, etc. When planning to do a Jim Corbett Booking, try including other activities along with multiple safaris in your Jim Corbett package.

The process of Jim Corbett booking is simple, after having a word with our executive regarding Jim Corbett packages, Jim Corbett resorts and Jim Corbett safari etc, you need to opt whether you wish to stay in the core area of Dhikala, Bijrani, etc or you want to get your Jim Corbett booking in a resort in the buffer forest.

Jim Corbett resorts are luxurious and adventurous at the same time, many Jim Corbett resorts are located in the buffer forests and many on the periphery of the Jim Corbett National Park. If you wish to make a Jim Corbett booking in the resorts, we at corbettexpert.com can give you a variety of around 50 Jim Corbett resorts to choose from, all unique and pocket-friendly. Jim Corbett bookings can be done online via www.corbettexpert.com or if you wish to know more about Jim Corbett resorts, Jim Corbett Safaris and Jim Corbett Packages you can visit our office too.

After making a Jim Corbett Booking for Jim Corbett resorts, the next step is to book a Jim Corbett Safari. Now you can include both elephant and jeep safaris in your Jim Corbett package while making your Jim Corbett booking. You are required to provide ID proofs of all the guests for booking Jim Corbett Safari. All Jim Corbett booking for Jim Corbett safari is made in advance, so while booking your Jim Corbett package try and book your Jim Corbett Safari well in advance to avoid any problems later in your Jim Corbett Booking.

While considering which resort to choose for your Jim Corbett booking, please visit our Jim Corbett Resorts page, we have options to choose from over 50 resorts, ranging from homestays to 5-star resorts, or else give us a call on our helpline numbers given in our contact us page. For an easy Jim Corbett booking, we have handpicked resorts from all categories and locations. We have Jim Corbett Resorts located deep in the forest locations and resorts located on the banks of Kosi and Ramganga rivers too. There are more than 150 Jim Corbett resorts, which one you would like to go for depends on a lot of factors for your Jim Corbett Booking, factors like location, star rating and budget are to be kept in mind before booking a Jim Corbett Resort. Many guests make a mistake of choosing very low on cost Jim Corbett Resort while making a Jim Corbett Booking, which results into a complete disaster, the choice of Jim Corbett resort while booking a Jim Corbett Package should be balanced between the costing and the comfort part.

Other factor to be kept in mind while booking a Jim Corbett Resort is the location, when making a Jim Corbett booking ask our executive about the location of the Jim Corbett resort, while many Jim Corbett resorts might be located at fantastic locations but might be difficult to access too, which might lead to difficulty in movement from resort to city or the safari gates.

If done at the proper time the Jim Corbett booking might take only a few hours, right from browsing for right Jim Corbett Resorts, to right inclusions for Jim Corbett packages, and booking Jim Corbett Safari.

While doing your Jim Corbett Booking try including the following in your Jim Corbett package- Elephant safari, Village walk. Rappelling, Flying fox, Jungle Trekking, Burma Bridge, visit local markets, etc. These activities apart from Jim Corbett safari will not only enrich your experience but also will give you a chance to understand the local culture. While doing your Jim Corbett booking don't hesitate to ask our executive to about all the above-mentioned activities and how to include them in your Jim Corbett Package.

One more factor that bothers tourists while making a Jim Corbett booking is what is the best season to visit Jim Corbett National Park, most clients are worried that the weather will be too hot, too cold or too rainy, but as mentioned at other places on our website, Jim Corbett is the 12-month destination. The mornings in winters can be a bit cold that too in the months of December and January only, talking about summers during the months of May and June when we have the peak tourist season, only the afternoons between 1 pm and 3 pm are hot, rest of the times weather is pleasant. If you are planning to do a Jim Corbett booking during monsoons also and if you are worried if the park will be closed or open, then don't worry and book your Jim Corbett package as Jhirna and Dhela zones are open 12 months a year.

Jim Corbett booking, if made well in advance and through proper channels, will be a child's play, but if not done through proper channels and if Jim Corbett Safari is not booked well in advance can lead to many headaches. We suggest that all your Jim Corbett booking should be done in a below-prescribed manner.

Steps for Jim Corbett Booking-

In Case of resorts

A-Talk to our representative and get all inputs on Jim Corbett Resorts, Jim Corbett Packages, and Jim Corbett Safari.

B-Choose from our suggested and tried & tested Jim Corbett Resorts, half your Jim Corbett Booking is done after you select a resort.

C-Take inputs regarding Jim Corbett Safari from our executive, and what safari should you include in your Jim Corbett Package.

D-Provide ID proofs for Jim Corbett Booking and Jim Corbett resort bookings.

E-Pay advance for your complete Jim Corbett Package and get the confirmation via email for the Jim Corbett package and Jim Corbett safari both.

In case of government rest houses like Dhikala

A- Make sure you are making a Jim Corbett Booking for Dhikala and other rest houses at-least 55 to 50 days in advance.

B-After discussing with our executive all relevant points about your Jim Corbett Booking for Dhikala / Bijrani Jim Corbett packages, provide IDs of all the people planning to travel to Dhikala rest house, and in these Jim Corbett packages, we need to pay the entire amount up-front.

C-After making your Jim Corbett Booking please keep in mind if the Dhikala Rest house or any other government rest is booked once, then there are no refunds from the Forest Dept. in case of cancellations. All guests should carry their ID proofs with them at the time of entry at the respective gates.

D-When you are taking a Jim Corbett Booking with CorbettExpert.com all other requirements of food, Guides, Jim Corbett Safari, etc will be taken care of in one single Jim Corbett Package.

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