Jim Corbett Safari

Jim Corbett Safari or Jim Corbett Jeep Safari or Corbett Safari is the first word which we think about when we plan a trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Every tourist who plans to visit has one priority i.e. to go for Jim Corbett Safari. Tourists visit Jim Corbett National Park mainly to spot the wildlife mainly Tigers, Leopards, Elephants and other species. Most of the tourist visiting Jim Corbett are confused about booking the Jim Corbett Safari booking. Corbett Expert aims at giving a one-stop solution to all the visitors for Jim Corbett Safari. Corbett Safari can be booked via us in a very simple method.

Before we discuss how to book Jim Corbett Safari we would like to give you some information about Corbett Safari. Jim Corbett National park Safari is open 12 months a year and you can do Jim Corbett Safari booking anytime of the year and enjoy Jim Corbett Jeep Safari in Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, Dhikala, and Sitavani zones. The only catch is that Jim Corbett National park safari is restricted to Jhirna, Dhela and Sitavani zones during monsoons i.e. from 30th June to 15th October. After 15th October Bijrani zone of Jim Corbett also opens up for Corbett safari. The Durgadevi gate and Dhikala gate open for Jim Corbett Safari on 15th November.

A common misconception about Jim Corbett Safari is that some particular zones are better for Tiger sightings. When you go for Jim Corbett Jungle safari always remember that this is not a zoo but an open jungle where animals have no restrictions on their movements, all the animals are free to roam around in a vast area. As mentioned earlier it greatly depends on your luck and the skill-set of your naturalist guiding your jeep safari in Jim Corbett.

Things to keep in mind when going on Jim Corbett Safari

While doing your Jim Corbett safari booking keep in mind that Jim Corbett National park is one of the most beautiful National parks in the country, and apart from Tigers there are many other attractions in the forest. Corbett safari should be taken as more of a learning experience rather than a sole hunt to spot a Tiger.

While doing your Jim Corbett Safari booking ask our representative about the particular Zone where you are going for Corbett safari, ask about the distance from your resort, the Jim Corbett safari timings, the major attractions of the zone etc. All zones of Jim Corbett National Park safari have some specialties like Bijrani had great Tigers sightings last year, Dhikala is known for Tigers and elephants both, along with the picturesque landscape made by the river Ramganga, whereas while doing Jim Corbett safari in Jhirna and Dhela you can spot bears too! The Jeep safari in Corbett zone of durgadevi is famous for its beautiful landscape and a wide variety of birds.

Apart from doing Jeep safari in Corbett, one can also opt for sitavani zone. If after the Jim Corbett safari you have enough time for one more round then you can also go for a jeep safari in the Sitavani zone, The sitavani zone is a part of Ramnagar Forest division, the best part about sitavani zone is that you can get entry tickets unlike Jim Corbett safari, where sometimes you might have to book Jim Corbett jungle safari weeks in advance. So, in a nutshell, you can opt for any available zone depending upon the time of the year for your jeep safari in Corbett, and leave the rest to God and your naturalist. Tiger or no tiger Jim Corbett National Park safari is a magical experience.

Jeep safari in corbett

Many people who call us are confused about the choice between Jeep safari in Corbett. Well Jeep safari in Jim Corbett have its own charm. There are set routes for Jim Corbett jeep safari. The jeeps cannot go off track.

Another advantage of going for Jim Corbett safari in a jeep is that 6 to 7 people can be accommodated in jeep. The Corbett safari in a jeep is for four hours.

How to book Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett

Most of our guests are not aware of the procedure of Jim Corbett Safari booking, tourists looking to book Corbett safari are confused about the entire procedure of Jim Corbett jeep safari booking. Corbett safari online booking can be done either directly by the client or can be outsourced to us. The only problem with doing Corbett safari online booking is that the people who are visiting Jim Corbett National Park for the first time don't know how to book jeeps for Jim Corbett Safari. Many guests also find it difficult to understand the procedure for booking Corbett safari on the official website, by outsourcing the Corbett jeep safari booking one can be assured about the Jim Corbett Jungle safari. If one commits a mistake Corbett safari online booking the entire amount paid might go waste as Jim Corbett safari price once paid on the online portal once deducted is not refundable. Corbett jeep safari online booking should be done by somebody who knows the entire process of Corbett safari online booking very well.

Many times it happens that the clients book the Jim Corbett safari online on their own but afterward find it difficult to book a jeep for the Jim Corbett Safari later, or maybe they book the wrong slot or time for jeep safari in Jim Corbett. Another challenge faced by guests who book the Corbett safari by themselves is that they do not know the distance of the different gates of Corbett Safari from their resorts, the problem faced afterward is that they have to travel for hours sometimes just to reach to the gate of the Jim Corbett jungle safari.

Jim Corbett Safari Prices

People booking their jeep safari in Jim Corbett are also not aware of the Jim Corbett safari price. Sometimes the guests booking their Jim Corbett jeep safari think that the amount paid by them online for Corbett safari covers all other charges like Jeep and Guide fee, and in the end, they have to pay sometimes an amount higher than the original amount due to lack of Jeep for Jeep safari in Corbett.

Please be advised that the amount you pay while doing Corbett jeep safari online booking is only for the entry charges in the jungle for Jim Corbett Safari, and you need to arrange for a jeep for Corbett safari. It is advised you take an entire Jim Corbett safari package from www.corbettexpert.com which includes everything from permit to Guide fee. Another confusion regarding the Jim Corbett safari booking is that once you book a permit everything else is taken care of! No, a permit is only the entry pass for Jim Corbett National Park safari, you need to book a jeep separately for Corbett safari. When you book a Jim Corbett safari package with us you can be assured about a confirmed Jim Corbett jungle safari booking (as per availability) along with the best Jim Corbett safari price and proper Jim Corbett safari timings.

Yes, one more important issue is Jim Corbett Safari price, there are many rates prevailing in the market for Jim Corbett safari booking. Many of our guests compare our Jim Corbett safari price with others and may find us a bit expensive than the others for Jim Corbett safari, but there is a reason for it. All our Jim Corbett jeep safari drivers are highly experienced and have many years of experience of Corbett safari. Drivers who know every nook and corner of the jungle at the back of their hand.

So the reason of higher Jim Corbett safari price with us is clear, people with experience always come with a premium, but we can assure you about one thing that the Jim Corbett safari booking was done through us will have every penny of your money utilized. The most important part of your entire trip to Jim Corbett National Park is your Jim Corbett Jungle safari, and if someone, in order to save a few hundred bucks and trying to bring down the Jim Corbett Safari price, gets a driver who is inexperienced and not well versed with the jungle then the entire trip is waste. Another factor is Jim Corbett safari timings, people charging less than the market price will try and wind-up the safari as early as possible. That is never the case with us.

Jim Corbett safari timings-

In order to explore the Jungle fully one needs to spend a good amount of time in the Jungle and that is why a slot of 4 hours is allotted in each of the shifts of Jim Corbett safari. While on Jim Corbett jungle safari one may need to wait patiently for hours sometimes in order to spot a Tiger or other denizens of the forest. The expertise of the driver and the guide are also an important factor in your Jim Corbett safari. The Jim Corbett safari timings vary during the different months of the year starting from as early as 6 am, an experienced driver and guide on Jim Corbett jeep safari with you know and help you understand the movement of different animals at the different times of the day.

Bijrani Winter Morning 7 am
Evening 2 pm
Summer Morning 6 am
Evening 3 pm
Jhirna Winter Morning 7 am
Evening 2 pm
Summer Morning 6 am
Evening 3 pm
Durgadevi Winter Morning 7 am
Evening 2 pm
Summer Morning 6 am
Evening 3 pm
Dhela Winter Morning 7 am
Evening 2 pm
Summer Morning 6 am
Evening 3 pm

  • Bijrani gate is open from 15th October to 30th June for day visits.
  • Jhirna zone is open all the year around.
  • Durgadevi gate opens on 15th oct and closes for safari on 15th June.
  • Dhela zone is open all the year around.

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