Places to visit in Jim Corbett

Garjiya Devi Temple in Jim Corbett

Garjiya Devi Temple

The temple is located on the banks of river Kosi near the dhikuli village of Jim Corbett National Park. It is said that the temple came floating to its current location during a flood. Since then many floods have hit the region but the temple hasn't moved an inch from its place. The temple is situated on a large rock and is one of the most famous places of worship in the entire region. People from far off places come to worship Maa Garjiya Devi. It's an ideal place to visit for a holy experience and to take a dip in the chilly waters of river Kosi.

Dhangarhi Museum in Jim Corbett

Dhangarhi Museum

A place not be missed when visiting Jim Corbett National Park. The museum is located on the dhangarhi gate, the heart of Corbett National Park. It is also the entry point of the Dhikala rest house. The museum has preserved skins and skeletons of many animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, elephants, etc. This museum can be a really good learning experience for adults and children both. Don't forget to add it in your Jim Corbett Package.

Pathkot near Jim Corbett


A 45 min drive from Corbett National Park will take you a small beautiful village named Pathkot. It's near the famous sitavani gate of Jim Corbett. Nestled in the hills it's a perfect place for a long drive while one is staying at Jim Corbett National Park. When booking your Jim Corbett Package do ask for directions to reach Pathkot. It's a village which is still untouched from ill effects of urbanization. There are small tea shops where one can enjoy a peaceful cup of tea. The drive itself to the village is a lovely one. One can include a jeep drive to amgadi in his Jim Corbett Package or can drive in his own car, and who knows if you are lucky enough you might spot his highness a royal Bengal tiger on the way.

Nainital near Jim Corbett

Nainital - The City of Lakes

Although Nainital needs no introduction but there are some hidden facts about Nainital too. Nainital is one of the nearest famous hill station located at an hour's drive from Jim Corbett National Park. Many people include a short trip to Nainital in their Jim Corbett Package. Nainital's major attractions include The Mall road, Naini Temple, Boating in Naini lake, Cable car ride, horse ride, etc. Apart from all these attractions, one can also cover Pangot, situated near Nainital. It's another famous place for birding and trekking.

Corbett's Home in Jim Corbett

Corbett's Home

Corbett's home is located on the way to Nainital in Kaladhungi village. It is around 20-25 km from Jim Corbett National Park. Most of the people taking the Jim Corbett package miss going to this place because many people are not aware of the place. It was Jim Corbett's summer house. It is kind of a museum which has guns, clothes, chairs, etc used by Jim Corbett during his hunting sessions. So whenever you visit Jim Corbett National Park do include this place in your Jim Corbett Package.

Corbett Falls in Jim Corbett

Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls is a nice spot for day picnics during summers if it is running. Many times during peak summers in Jim Corbett National Park the fall runs dry. It is approximately a 35-40 minutes drive from Jim Corbett National Park. One can include a gypsy in his Jim Corbett package to reach the falls or can easily drive down in their own car. The falls are around 60 feet in height surrounded by thick forests all around.

Corbett Falls in Jim Corbett

Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham, a popular Hindu temple is situated in village chhoi, near Jim Corbett National Park and is devoted to Lord Hanuman. It is one of the must visit places when you are visiting Jim Corbett

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