Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett

What is the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett?

The answer to this question is a question- 'What is your purpose of visiting Corbett? ', but if put in simple words the answer would be, All year round! Yes, it's true, there is never a bad time to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Trust me on this, due to its location, weather and a large number of activities and resorts there is something to do in Jim Corbett at every point of time. Apart from safari, there are many other activities one can undertake here. According to one's taste, one can go for Jungle cycling, fishing, All terrain bike rides, adventure activities, trekking, other indoor and outdoor activities offered by different resorts.

Apart from the other activities, the main attraction is Jeep Safari. People from all parts of the world come here to spot a Tiger in the wild. Believe me, there is nothing like spotting His Highness 'The Royal Bengal Tiger' in the wild. The very sight of a Tiger in the wild is enough to hypnotize you. So after June a lot of people think the safari zones shut down, which is not true, one can go for a safari during the rainy season too. Zones like Jhirna with good Tiger sightings are open 12 months a year. So the misconception that there are no safaris taking place during monsoon is not true.

Another dilemma faced by tourists is that during which season should they visit Corbett National Park? Again the answer is-Any Season you like :) Corbett is one of those tourist destinations which can be visited during any season, I am contradicting all the people/websites here which say that a particular season is best to visit Jim Corbett. During different seasons there are different reasons to visit Corbett. Let's start from summers, during summers most of the water bodies dry up and the animals usually come to rivers or man-made water holes for water so you know where to look for animals during summer. Winters are the mating period of most of the animals, So the Tigers cover long distances to look for potential mates, I have personally spotted many tigers in winters. The beauty of sightings during winters in the landscape with mist effects are icing on the cake. The beauty of jungles during monsoon is unmatched, the jungle goes lush green and dense. The jungle according to me is the most beautiful during monsoon, and also like the scent markings of the Tigers gets washed away during the rains, most of the Tigers start marking their territories after almost every shower, I would not accept the statement that Tiger sightings go down during monsoons.

So my friends the best time to visit Corbett is-ANYTIME. There are more than 100 resorts ready to welcome you here. So it doesn't matter whether it's winters, monsoons or summers, you can always plan for Jim Corbett :)

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