Adventure Activities in Jim Corbett

If planning a trip to Jim Corbett, we would ensure that it packs a bit of adrenalin along with your bags. Be ready for a startling and fun-filled experience of some exhilarating adventure sports. Apart from mainstream Jungle Safari and Tiger Darshan, here at Corbett Expert, we provide you with unlimited thrill within a limited number of days to go back with fun memories of #triptocorbett.

River Rafting in Jim Corbett


Relish white water rafting during your trip to Corbett amidst the mighty waves of river Kosi, while the cool breeze from the topographies of Himalayas hits you hard. With the perfect blend of expert guides and latest and safe equipment, here at Jim Corbett, we let you hit the raft through grade 2 and grade 3 rapids, surrounded by captivating ravines and beauty. Best time to enjoy River Rafting at Jim Corbett is the monsoon season so plan your Corbett vacations accordingly if you want to add on the experience of rafting in your memories bucket of the trip to Corbett.



Another thrilling activity which Jim Corbett has to offer is Bridge Slithering. With a jhula bridge built on river Kosi, have the stimulating experience of jumping off from the bridge and slither down a rope, about 40 feet above the water and finally diving into the water, while our well-trained staff is right there at your rescue. Jim Corbett holidays lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of Corbett in the most exciting way possible.

ROCK CLIMBING in Jim Corbett


Choose to ascend rocks. Not because it's easy, but because they’re hard. Climbing is as close as we can come to flying. So why walk? When you can fly! Here at Jim Corbett national park, we have all the arrangements to assist what you choose. Let your hands and feet do the talking while your muscles quiver, and, after climbing the pebbly cliffs of the Himalayas surrounded by mesmerizing scenic beauty, feel the adrenaline rush in your veins when you reach the peak of Himalayan rocks. Grab the Jim Corbett package asap if you don’t want to miss out on the fun.



Set yourself free while you’re hung on a rope tied on either end of river Kosi. Cross the river, feeling the cool gusting breeze against you, while you are hanging on a rope above the river and your feet are on the parallel rope. With proper harnesses and complete safety measures, here at Jim Corbett, we ensure that you go back with a sole stirring experiencing after your trip to Corbett.

NATURE WALK in Jim Corbett


The flora and fauna in and around the Jim Corbett national park is a treat for the eyes. One of the best recreational activity to be enjoyed here at Jim Corbett, the nature walk brings you close to nature and our guides, who are perfect naturalists, will help you absorb the enigma of the place. Corbett provides you a perfect experience of calm and thrill. Connect with nature while the crackling sound of the river serves well as the background music. Corbett is the go-to place if you’re out for a break from the monotonous life.

FLYING FOX in Jim Corbett


If you had adrenalin packed adventure plate in mind while coming to Corbett, Flying fox should be the first thing on the menu. The thrilling aerial adventure is your request and our demand. A pulley suspended on a cable, propelled by gravity, here amidst the sparkling rivers and hills of Corbett, with the safety harnesses, is ready to hold you and move you freely from one end to the other while you’re enthralled swinging in the air, and become a flying fox.

FREE FALL in Jim Corbett


The mini skydiving over the brimming Kosi and Himalayan ranges, a predefined series of aerial maneuvers, flipping front and back, turning and rolling, shouting and drooling and accurately landing on the bank of Kosi, here at Corbett you’ll love the fall. Let your tensions and fears fall away while your spirits are raised to the nth degree.



Be the commando you ever wanted to be and challenge yourself, crossing all the hurdles ready for you right here at Jim Corbett. The resort will provide you with all the hurdles which challenge your limits and make you feel like a commando. With a wall almost 15 feet high, climb and descend from the other side, within a prescribed time limit. That’s how we let you do it exactly in the army style. And, of course, a few hurdles to be crossed before climbing.

Rappelling in jim corbett


Coming down was never as exciting before. That too when you’re surrounded with the marvelous scenic of Himalayan Ranges, crawling down, walking or you rappel! Totally up to you. Anchoring the climbing rope on the cliff of the Himalayas, or natural anchors like trees and boulders. Along with the rappel devices, we provide you with loads of motivation for free, letting you rappel down like a free bird. Corbett is the place to experience this unique adventure.

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