Jim Corbett Safari

Jim Corbett National Park, the first word which comes to our mind after listening to this word is Jungle Safari/jeep Safari. Jim Corbett Safaris are world renowned and tourists from all over the world visit Jim Corbett National Park for Jim Corbett Safari. Tourists can see a wide variety of flora and fauna while going for Jim Corbett Safari.

The main attraction while going for Jim Corbett Safari is 'The Royal Bengal Tiger' Other animals one can see in Jim Corbett Safari are Asiatic Elephats, Leopards, Four Species of Deers, Two species of monkeys, Indian Hare, Crocodiles, Ghariyals,Otters, Jackals and many many species of Birds. There are around two hundred and forty Tigers in Jim Corbett National Park.

Despite having a lot of Tigers here, people going for Jim Corbett Safari should keep in mind that Jim Corbett National Park, is spread over 1288 sq kilometers, the terrain is uneven and the undergrowth is dense. Not every Jim Corbett Safari ends up with a sighting but yes the probability of spotting a Tiger in Jim Corbett is as high as any other National park in the country.

Jim Corbett National Park is located on the foothills of Himalayas, and the vegetation is thick here. When going for Jim Corbett Safari, one should also pay attention to the beauty of the Forest. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks of the country. People when going for Jim Corbett Safari focus on only one thing i.e. Tiger and feel disappointed many a times if they are not able to spot a it, but if they pay attention to the activities happening in the forest I am sure the experience will be a whole lot better.

Talking about the safari zones here, there are different zones for safari namely Jhirna, Dhela, Sitavani, Bijrani, Dhikala and Durgadevi. One can access these zones by Gypsy when going for Jim Corbett Safari, except Dhikala zone. Guests staying at Dhikala zone can only go for safari in Gypsies other guests going for a day visit Jim Corbett safari in Dhikala have to go via Canters.

It is highly recommendable to take a jeep for Jim Corbett Safari instead of Canter. Dhikala is a high rating zone but going on a canter will not be viable if you want to do some serious sightings. The reasons behind that first of all the canters going for Jim Corbett Safari are big and make a lot of noise. Most animals are frightened by the commotion and sighting becomes difficult. There are are more then fifteen people which adds to more noise. The Canters when going for Jim Corbett Safari do not go to the by-lanes and off-road tracks, so it adds to one more reason of less sightings.

There are two slots for jim corbett safaris i.e Morning and Evening, There are NO NIGHT SAFARIS in Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett National Park conducts no night safaris and in-fact the people trying to get into National Park area at night can be prosecuted, So please be aware that there are No Jim Corbett Safaris at night.In all the safaris conducted in the morning time gypsies are allowed to enter the park area after sunrise and in the evening slot all gypsies have to come out before sunset.

Another question frequently asked by our guests is, "Which is the best zone in Jim Corbett?'' The answer is -ALL! There is good Tiger movement in all zones where you get to see a Tiger is totally upon luck and to some extent on the skills of your driver and guide.

When booking a Jim Corbett Safari the points to be kept in mind are-

  • The earlier you book your Jim Corbett Safari the better it is. Permits are limited in number and the more you delay booking your Jim Corbett Safari the higher are the chances of not getting a permit. The permit distribution is controlled by the forest department and if a zone for a particular slot get's sold out then their is no option but to either change your zone or slot.

  • There are no good or bad zones for Jim Corbett Safari, Tiger sightings mainly depend on your luck and tracking skills of your jeep driver/Naturalist.

  • Both morning and evening slots for Jim Corbett Safari are equally good, the theories stating that a particular time is better for Jim Corbett Safaris are totally baseless. Dusk and Dawn are considered to be the times when Tigers are on the move, but again there can be no set theories and animal movements can't be restricted to timings.

  • Wearing earthy colors, not making noise during the safaris, following what your guide/driver says are some of the things which can increase the chances of sighting during your Jim Corbett Safari.

  • Many a times we have to wait for long intervals during our Jim Corbett safari for spotting animals. Wild animals can hide in the undergrowth for hours at a stretch and if disturbed they might not turn up at-all. So patience is another virtue required to make your Jim Corbett Safari a success.

Id proofs of all the guests coming for Jim Corbett safaris are required, the same IDs are also required at the time of safari. If the guests are foreigners, their passports are required, in case of Indians Id proofs like PAN card, Voter ID card, Driving License etc are accepted for Jim Corbett Safari. One importabt point about Jim Corbett Safari is once the permits are booked they are non-refundable, in case of cancellation no refund is given by the authorities.

Jim Corbett Safari bookings open 45 days in advance and we can help you in booking the permits, the jeep, the driver and a naturalist for your Jim Corbett Safari. For complete Jim Corbett Safari solutions call us on +91-9811709886 or drop us a mail on

One thing that cannot be missed is the Jim Corbett National Park Safari. Being home to many wild animals including the Bengal tiger, elephants and leopards, Corbett packs a thrilling experience for those who enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat and not just behind the bars and caged. The Jungle safari is done in different regions of Jim Corbett which includes Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, etc. Jeeps to these are available from the Jim Corbett Resorts itself. Explore the immense wilderness and natural beauty of the jungle heaven.

Jim Corbett Jeep Safari is for smaller groups which makes you rover over the rocky terrains of the jungle. Exploring different regions of the forest depending upon the permit, these jeep safaris are one of the best means to gaze the wildlife. Most of the safaris are open every day at two different time periods, one in morning and another in evening.

Jim Corbett Safari is ideal for larger group of people. Its an open canter which is guided and secured by forest officials for your safety. Bringing along whole team or family of yours? Canter safari is the best option for you.

One of the most amazing experiences include Jim Corbett Elephant safari. What could be better than exploring the wild on an elephant itself! The slow paced elephant lets you capture every drop of the essence from the nature. Elephant safari is one of the most exciting and joyful rides of all time. The staff associated takes care of all the security during the ride. Therefore, it’s totally made safe for you. gives your wishes the utmost priority. Easy booking to Jim Corbett Jungle Safari, Jim Corbett Canter Safari and Jim Corbett Elephant safari are just a moment away. We provide hassle free registration for the safari including all the documentation and verification process. Also you can reserve rooms at the resorts inside the jungle for a night stay.

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